Implant Restoration

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Implant Restoration

Implants are an artificial tooth that can be placed into the jaw. Once an implant is in the jaw a crown would be placed on the top of the implant to completely restore the area where the tooth was missing. Multiple implants can be placed to restore large areas such as:

1) Replacing false teeth with fixed bridge work that cannot be removed.
2) Placing implants to use with your dentures so they do not move.


Implants are placed in your jaw and with just a few adjustments to your denture, it snaps onto the implants. No more fighting with dentures that move around and are hard to eat with. This procedure is all done in one day at one appointment.

Implants have been around for approximately 30 years and have been getting better and better over the last 20 years. The implants of today have a very high success rate and are a wonderful way to replace a tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is performed on teeth when the nerve of the tooth starts to deteriorate and will often times be hot, cold and tender to bite on. Sometimes a nerve can deteriorate very slowly without any pain and eventually die. When this happens the tooth will abscess (become infected) and Root Canal Therapy can often times correct this problem.