Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways to reach out to us and book your first or next appointment. You can use the "Book Now" button in the top corner of the site or simply call us at 574-267-3359.

You should arrive 30 minutes early to your first appointment to fill out the proper forms and give us your insurance information. You can also save yourself a little time by filling out these documents at home. Visit this page to download the necessary documents.

You can visit the About page or the Staff page to learn more about Dr. Greif, the rest of our team, and our facility.

Yes! You can visit the Insurance and Documents page to find more information about the insurance we accept and to download the documents you need.

You can visit the Insurance and Documents page to download the documents you need.

Yes. Your oral health cannot properly be cared for without  consideration of your overall health. The human body is made up of connected systems with complex relationships. There is not a distinct separation between the health of the mouth  and the rest of the body.

Yes. Cavities and other adverse conditions of the oral cavity can arise in a short period of time. It is important for everyone to have a dental exam at least twice a year after the dental cleaning.

X-rays are needed for diagnostic purposes to properly perform a thorough examination. Without x-rays, cavities and other conditions of the oral cavity may not be detected.

Flossing helps to prevent cavities and gum/bone disease by cleaning out food, bacteria, and plaque between the teeth. We recommend flossing at least once a day before bed.

Fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and fight against cavities by replenishing essential minerals that may be lost from the teeth over time.

Yes. Mouthwash is a great oral hygiene supplement in addition to brushing and flossing because it helps to fight bacteria and bad breath, as well as strengthen teeth. We recommend using mouthwash that contains fluoride but with no alcohol.

Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause cavities and decayed teeth. We strongly recommend a low-sugar diet.